The Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players (CRSP) is a mixed voice, auditioned ensemble with associated instrumentalists, dancers, and theatrical players. Our purpose is to inspire, entertain, and educate our audiences and members through the music, culture, and history of the Renaissance. We enrich our performances with works of other periods that celebrate the spirit of the Renaissance.

Flowing from the above mission/purpose statement are our vision, goals, and values:
  CRSP Vision

  • Renewal and rebirth. The spirit and music of the Renaissance shared with audiences in ways both traditional and surprising.

Sanzio Raffaello, St. Cecilia, 1514, choir detail

  CRSP goals

  • to present choral works in the spirit of the Renaissance (up to and including the 21st century) in standard and unusual venues, through conventional and unusual collaborations;
  • to provide an opportunity for challenge, musical excellence and fun to choir members and our audience;
  • to provide and develop transformative musical experiences that also offer good entertainment and education for ourselves and our audience;
  • to make a conscious effort to understand and respond to the interests and possibilities of our audience, both current and potential and;
  • to encourage and inspire new composers to create works in the style of the Renaissance, and to commission and perform their works.
  • to advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by providing high quality artistic performances in public places, senior citizens homes, churches, community centres, and educational institutions.
  • to advance education by providing pre-concert seminars on topics related to the history of the Renaissance to the general public.

  CRSP Values

  • Domenichino, St. Cecilia, 1617-18, detailthe openness of all choir members to creative and technical growth;
  • the respectful eccentricity of our members who are united in a commitment to a shared passion and a sense of community;
  • proud and confident performances which require all members make a commitment to adequate preparation* and attendance;
  • mentoring and education of members, existing and new;
  • the renewal and stewardship of our audience, Board and our members; and
  • the active contribution of all members, both musically and administratively including participation in the leadership of the group.

* expectations around adequate preparation include the basics: practicing outside of rehearsal, marking scores, writing words from translation into score, keeping your music in order.

  Community Spirit

While performance is our most prominent activity, the soul of any choir is its rehearsals. As a group, we work hard at sight-reading, blend, interpretation, and improving our individual skills as singers. Rehearsals are important, not just for musical reasons, but for creating a vital bond of trust, confidence, and affection with our director and with each other. One of the CRSP’s greatest assets is this bond, which has inspired many of us over the years to form deep friendships, share in the care of each others’ children, celebrate each others’ successes and offer help through difficult times.