Introducing Jane Perry

Jane Perry has been the Artistic Director of the Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players since she arrived in Calgary in September 2011.  She is also the Music Director at the Unitarian Church of Calgary, the Artistic Director of One Voice Chorus, and the Co-Artistic Director (with Jean-Louis Bleau) of the national Unison Festival for Canadian queer choirs, to take place at Mount Royal University in May 2018.

Jane is a classically-trained pianist who holds a Master of Music degree (chamber music specialization) from the University of Ottawa and an Associate Diploma (piano performance) from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.  She worked as a choral accompanist and choral conductor for twenty years in Ottawa before moving to Calgary.  Jane’s twin professional passions of music education and community-building find a natural home in her work with community choirs, whose concerts provide opportunities to collaborate with other musical organizations, professional and amateur players, and composers.  Her work with CRSP has expanded her own musical horizons and has given her the opportunity to help make early music available and accessible to Calgary’s concert-going audiences.  In 2017, Jane was nominated for Calgary Outlink’s Heart of Excellence award in the artistic category.  She also made her very first appearance in One Yellow Rabbit Theatre’s High Performance Rodeo as a choral conductor, in a production of Toronto’s Nightswmming Theatre’s “Why We Are Here!” with the Calgary actress and Indigenous activist Michelle Thrush.