The Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players are grateful to the following organizations for their financial and organizational support.

  Public Support

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Calgary Arts Development


  Members’ support

Fra Angelico, Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven, detail.The ongoing business of the choir is handled by the choir members themselves. We serve in many roles besides soprano, alto, tenor and bass! We also thank occasional paid professionals and volunteer assistants for extra help with our concerts, tours, and recordings.

  • Executive members (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, member-at-large, artistic director), past president, and business manager
  • Section leaders/coordinators (Soprano section leader, Alto section leader, etc.)
  • Librarian (music library and slides)
  • Publicity coordinator
  • Stage manager
  • Concert producer
  • Ticket secretary
  • Social convenor (for choir social events such as a summer garden party)
  • Refreshment coordinator (refreshments at practices, concerts)
  • Musical instrument coordinator
  • Costumes coordinator
  • Archivist
  • Slides coordinator
  • Props coordinator
  • Webmaster