About Concerts

Jan van Eyck, The Ghent Altarpiece: Singing Angels (detail) 1427-29The Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players present two major concerts each year, a Christmas concert in December and a Spring concert in April or May.

In addition, we do some touring in Alberta, paid engagements for special events, and public service performances in parks, schools, seniors’ residences, and charity fundraisers.

  Our Music

While much of our music is designed for church performance, we also work with a wealth of secular music: madrigals, love songs, drinking songs, and occasional political complaints. We often include instruments and invite guest musical artists, collaborating with many other choral and instrumental groups in Calgary.

Learn more about what we sing and view some Videos.

  More than music

Domenichino, Madonna and Child with St Petronius and St John the Evangelist, 1629 (detail)As our name explains, we are not just “Singers” but also “Players.” Therefore, at a performance, you may also be entertained between songs with historical commentary, short theatre skits, dance, and other short performances that suit the theme of a concert. We are an artistically creative and playful group, so prepare to be surprised and entertained.

We also feature talented instrumentalists who perform on a variety of ancient instruments, such as baroque recorder, crumhorn, viola da gamba, harpischord and many others.


We currently perform at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Calgary. Recently renovated, the acoustics are sublime, and the church has state of the art lighting and sound equipment. We may occasionally perform at other venues.

In the past, we have performed in various Calgary churches — Knox United and the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer have been frequent venues because of their splendid acoustics for Renaissance choral music. We have also performed at Scarboro United Church, which is a comfortable size for our audiences, and has a lively atmosphere both acoustically and spiritually. In 2012 our choir’s practice space is located at the Unitarian Church of Calgary and we are grateful to them for hosting us.

  Paid Engagements

We raise funds of our own by entertaining at shopping malls, weddings, and corporate Christmas parties. Since we are a non-profit society, any funds generated from performances are used to help offset concert and touring expenses and to subsidize the maintenance and expansion of our music library and costume stocks.


Ambrogio de Predis, Girl with Cherries, 1491-95 (detail)Our costumes are an important part of our “stage presence”, and we are known around Calgary for the spectacular visual effects that enhance our music.  We have a wardrobe of historical costumes for choir performance as well as our theatrical interludes.

  Past Concerts

The choir has existed since 1970 — read about our History and explore our Archive.