Website editors

How to author or edit pages and posts on this site

This page provides CRSP website co-authors and editors with important guidelines and tips about authoring and editing posts and pages on this site. If you want to author a page and don’t yet have access, or if you need assistance at any time, contact the webmaster.

Becoming a Registered User

What is my user access level?

How to Log in and access the Dashboard

Forgetting your password and resetting it

Follow the editorial guidelines on this page.

Use the help and instructions in the Codex.

About “Posts” and “Pages”: Fundamental info

What is a 'post,' and what is a 'page'?

Appropriate content for a post

How are posts and pages distributed?

Author a Post or Page

Create a new post/page and give it a title

Check the post/page's automatically-generated URL

Compose content

Use caution when pasting from Word or website/email

Preview your post before publishing

ALL POSTS: Apply Categories before publishing

ALL PAGES: Apply menu Parent and Order

Fixing a post

Publish a post/page

Edit or delete a post or page

Tips for authors

Crafting a post for online reading

Headings and tables of contents

Insert an active link / URL

Attach a file

Appropriate sharing of images and media

Insert media (files, images, etc.)

Restrictions on uploading files, images, etc.

Long posts and multi-part posts

Private posts/pages

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